19 March 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #11

1. The Brides of Rollrock Island by Margo Lanagan- I was obsessed with this cover the first minute I saw it. Margo is a terrific author. I was just freaked out she will pull something similar like she did with Tender Morsels and I had to stop after 2 chapters, I think.
2. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern- Everyone's been raving about this book since 2011 and I bought it but never read it. Maybe I just need a little push.
3. Monstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama- This is also the part of my obsession with dark stories about mermaids. The reason I still haven't read it is that it's part of challenge I'm participating and I don't get to read a mermaid book till June or July, I'm not really sure.
4. Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta- OK. This time I have a pretty good excuse. I won Piper's Son from Melina last year and I'm going to read both of them this spring. I'll probably make a Marchetta month and read The Lumatere Chronicles too.
5. Across the Universe by Beth Revis- Just look at that cover! Beth Revis was the luckiest author. Who doesn't want to buy books with that cover? Too bad they changed the design in the last book. I would read faster for sure.

1. The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa- All that sparkle makes me just want to die and go to happy coverland. What a beautiful cover. I had partly bought this book just because of it's beautiful cover and then later I started thinking about it's series. But this book's been there for a while. So.
2. Everneath by Brodi Ashton- I think it's obvious why I had to buy this one! So many rave reviews! Could be the timing or just my mood in general because I never felt like reading this one.
3. Holier Than Thou by Laura Buzo- Good Oil was a definite success for me. It was as realistic as it could possibly get and the concept of the book really got to me! All in all it was a fun book. So there was no hesitation required when it came to buy this one. Now this one has been around for a while. And even though I totally adore Buzo's writing , this one here has received some mixed reviews and that kind of got me in a low down.
4. Fated by Sarah Alderson- I love love love LOVE Sarah Alderson. I've loved her ever since I read Hunting Lila and ever since she threw a beauty like Alex Wakeman at me. Damn that man-boy. Totally yum. Anywaay, right after successfully loving Hunting Lila, I knew that I HAD to get Fated! And now it's been a year ( I think) and the poor book continues to lie over there..untouched.

(Note.-> This is starting to become tough for me because right now, I'm sittting in front of my bookshelf and wondering which all books are the ones I just had to buy and am not reading and then I realise that I JUST HAD TO BUY EACH ONE OF THEM! :OAnd I have a monster TBR pile. And it is... killing me.)

5. The Kate Daniels series by Illona Andrews- Um. Badass female? Badass male counterpart? And me. Should've been a fine combination but I just haven't been able to pick them up. Will have to do that ASAP.


  1. You need a push to read The Night Circus? Really Zemira? :roll: You must read it..no excuses :D
    Devyani aww The Iron Queen was actually my fave book in this series ;)
    Great books ladies :)

  2. Yes! I don't know why. I'm just not into that kind of adult fiction right now.

  3. I put The Night Circus on my list, as well, and started it the other day. I'm really enjoying it so far!!!

  4. I still need to read tons of these too including Everneath, Iron Queen and Night Circus

    My TTT

    Eva @ All Books Considered

  5. I highly recommend The Night Circus, it's one of the most original and gorgeous books I've read. Worth reading just for the vivid imagery alone.

    Nikki @ There were books involved...

  6. EVERNEATH is on my list as well. I think because I know Brodi and have been reading her blog for so long, I'm a little scared -- What if I don't like the book? Eek. Either that or I'm just too lazy to read it. Yeah, it's probably that last one ...